Analysis and design of active annular ring coupled circular patch antenna

Gebeşoğlu, Durmuş
This thesis includes the design, production and measurement of the active, dual band annular ring coupled circular patch antenna. The dual band operation is achieved by using stacked patches. 3 dB hybrid is used to obtain circular polarization. Effects of antenna parameters on the input impedance and frequency ratio between the resonance frequencies are observed. Design has been achieved step by step. Firstly, dual band operation is investigated by using stacked patches. An annular ring antenna and a circular patch antenna are stacked to achieve dual band characteristic. Parametric analyzes are done in electromagnetic solver tool HFSS ®. The final antenna structure is revealed with parametric analyzes. After that, it is focused on to obtain circular polarization. 3 dB hybrid is designed in HFSS ®. The designed hybrid and antenna are combined. Circular polarization is realized by using 3 dB hybrid. At last, an attention is given to make the antenna active. Active circuit of the antenna is created in AWR Design Environment ®. The designed active dual band annular ring coupled circular patch antenna is manufactured and measured. The results of simulations and measurements are compared. Good agreements are observed between simulated and measured results.