Dual polarized slotted waveguide array antenna

Doğan, Doğanay
An X band dual polarized slotted waveguide antenna array is designed with very high polarization purity for both horizontal and vertical polarizations. Horizontally polarized radiators are designed using a novel non-inclined edge wall slots whereas the vertically polarized slots are implemented using broad wall slots opened on baffled single ridge rectangular waveguides. Electromagnetic model based on an infinite array unit cell approach is introduced to characterize the slots used in the array. 20 by 10 element planar array of these slots is manufactured and radiation fields are measured. The measurement results of this array are in very good accordance with the simulation results. The dual polarized antenna possesses a low sidelobe level of -35 dB and is able to scan a sector of ±35 degrees in elevation. It also has a usable bandwidth of 600 MHz.
Citation Formats
D. Doğan, “Dual polarized slotted waveguide array antenna,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.