The Effects of sex ratio in estimation of genetic differentiation in populus nigra populations

Yelmen, Burak
Effective population size is an important concept in conservation biology. Biased sex ratio lowers effective population size, consequently causing loss of genetic variation. In this study, available microsatellite DNA marker data of 121 Populus nigra clones originated from 5 geographical regions were analyzed to evaluate genetic diversity of genders and to investigate possible effects of sex ratio on differentiation in these populations in Turkey. There was an abundance of identical genotypes in the dataset. The same genotypes were observed both in males and females that might be suggesting a rare occurrence of deviation from dioecism. Three clusters were estimated in structure analysis with k-means clustering. Significant differentiation was found among clusters. However, they did not correlate with geographical assignment of clones. Also, there was no variation between pre-determined five geographical populations. Overall allelic richness was found to be similar for both genders whereas heterozygosity was higher in males. Both male and female group had private alleles on all studied loci. Although there was no significant variation between genders, combination of four loci showed a slight empirical differentiation. Additionally, a simulation software prototype was developed to see effects of sex ratio on diversity and differentiation in future generations given the available molecular data. Results showed that if biased sex ratio persists, allele loss and fixation might occur in a higher rate, causing a loss of variation and faster differentiation in case of isolation.  


Impact of biased sex ratio on the genetic diversity, structure, and differentiation of Populus nigra (European black poplar)
Yelmen, Burak; Değirmenci, Funda Ö.; Kaya, Zeki (Canadian Science Publishing, 2020-10-01)
Effective population size is a crucial concept of conservation biology. It is reduced by biased sex ratio, consequently causing loss of genetic variation. To evaluate genetic diversity related to gender, and investigate the possible effects of biased sex ratio, we analyzed available microsatellite DNA markers from 120 samples of Populus nigra L. (European black poplar) originating from five geographical regions in Turkey. Using 12 microsatellite markers, we detected 60 clones of the same genotype, out of 12...
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B. Yelmen, “The Effects of sex ratio in estimation of genetic differentiation in populus nigra populations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.