Renewable energy promotion strategies of individual states and regional frameworks: a comparative approach

Şekerci, Almira Sinemis
This thesis seeks to examine the importance of using renewable energy by using different promotion strategies, methods, technologies and policies among the different countries and regional frameworks in order to achieve a sustainable future. The main argument of the thesis is that contrary to the views of some scholars, who argue that it is the renewable energy potential of countries that is the key for the development of the renewable energy sectors, this thesis argues that it is mainly the renewable energy friendly policy environment as well as the availability of affordable technology, public support and sufficient financial resources that determine the performance of individual countries and regional frameworks in realizing their potentials in renewable energy production. The thesis composed of five chapters, the first chapter is the introduction part, and the second chapter is about renewable energy resources in the world market and continues with the methods technologies and incentives of renewables in general. Chapter three is about the comparison among the countries’ renewable energy developments. Chapter four is about the comparison of regional framework’s renewable energy development and fifth chapter will present the conclusion part.