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Modeling selected X-ray observations of nonmagnetic cataclysmic variables using XMM-Newton and Swift observatories

Nabizadeh, Armin
Despite of recent developments in observational techniques, the diversity of the X-ray observations of nonmagnetic Cataclysmic Variables (CVs) are still not entirely understood. In this work, we plan to review the X-ray spectral characteristics of such systems during their quiescence state which in general explained by the multi-temperature plasma emission models and also, the CV spectra that show dominantly hard X-ray emission with few sources that reveal soft X-ray/EUV blackbody emission. For this purpose, we have selected several unpublished nonmagnetic CV data of three sources SS Aur, EY Cyg and TW Pic taken and archived by XMM-Newton and SWIFT Observatories. Using various data analysis techniques, we will accomplish spectral and temporal analysis for a better understanding of dwarf nova phenomenon and the nature of accretion flow and geometry in these systems.