Assesing women entrepreneurship through the model of business development centers (İŞGEM): Tokat İŞGEM and Pendik İŞGEM cases

Kaya, Aydan
Within the neoliberal economic system, women entrepreneurship concept has an important role. Women entrepreneurship is presented as a solution for increasing women poverty and unemployment and so support mechanism have been established in national and international level. Micro credit implementations and high grant rates for women are the examples of this situation. Encouragement of developing women entrepreneurship is supported in Turkey with the micro credit implementations and high proportion of grant rates for women. The rate of new entrepreneurship support of KOSGEB is higher for women compared to men. However, it is controversial how these implementations affect the problems that women entrepreneurs confronted with. The women entrepreneurship encouragement programs should be planned considering gender related problems of women. Business Development Centers (İŞGEM) have been introduced by World Bank as the support mechanisms for new entrepreneurs. There are 15 active İŞGEMs in Turkey. Their aim is to provide incubation services which are business plan preparation, management consultancy, sales and marketing support and training v supports. There are few studies about İŞGEMs and their support mechanisms. However, there is no study which analyzes the relation between women entrepreneurs and İŞGEMs. This study aims to assess the implications of İŞGEMs on women entrepreneurship dynamics through Tokat İŞGEM and Pendik KİŞGEM cases. The interviews have been conducted with the women entrepreneurs located in these İŞGEMs and also with those who are either managers of İŞGEMs or consultants who have worked during the establishment processes of the İŞGEMs covered in this study.


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A. Kaya, “Assesing women entrepreneurship through the model of business development centers (İŞGEM): Tokat İŞGEM and Pendik İŞGEM cases,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.