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Women entrepreneurship in local economic development: women producer bazaars as an alternative organizational model

Çağlar, Ayşe Gülgü
The objective of this study is to discuss cases of Women Producer Bazaars as an alternative organization model for women entrepreneurship. The thesis goes beyond the linear relationship between women entrepreneurshipand local economic development where the organization of the women entrepreneurship is an important critical factor. In Turkey, women entrepreneurship is supported by governmental policy and by local governments; municipalities as well as different non-governmental organizations. In Turkey, there are regulations conducive for the development of women entrepreneurship and there are regulations to encourage the establishment of women cooperatives. The studies on the impact of support programs and women cooperatives showed that local level support systems are also needed to encourage women to start and sustain their micro enterprises. By providing designated urban spaces for women to sell their products, local municipalities appear as significant actors in facilitating micro women enterprises. In this thesis, selected women producer bazaars from Urla and Çiğli-Sasalı are discussed. In Urla and Çiğli-Sasalı, there are women producer bazaars with different organizational contexts, and different levels of local municipality support. The cases of Urla and Çiğli-Sasalı women producerbazaars were analyzed to find an answer to the questions of; *What is the impact of vidifferent organizational models on economic and social development of local women entrepreneurs and their local communities?And *What could be the effective organizational model for Women Producer Bazaars in terms of their contribution to their local community and local economic development? The research found out that the cooperative model of women producer bazaars with stronger support of local municipalities produce bettereconomic development.