Construction techniques of the 14th-16th century Ottoman baths in Edirne

Diri Akyıldız, Filiz
Ottoman public baths located in Turkey were formed by blending different cultures and their bathing traditions of the civilizations inhabited this region throughout time. These buildings consist of a multi-component system involving different parts that are arranged in a highly sophisticated way. Conservation principles of these buildings may differ from case to case. On the other hand, in all cases, the first stage of any conservation implementation should be based on understanding and appreciation of all aspects of their values. For a precise understanding, all features of the building must be defined, investigated, and documented. Ottoman public baths differ from the other monuments in their complex and advanced physical features, especially their construction techniques and installation systems. The public bath buildings constructed in Edirne, which had been an important role as a capital and maintained its importance for a long time, are include many important information about these systems. The aim of this thesis is to document, analyse, and evaluate the construction techniques of the 14-16th century Ottoman public baths located in Edirne.
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F. Diri Akyıldız, “Construction techniques of the 14th-16th century Ottoman baths in Edirne,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.