Automatic tests for camera performance analysis

Hasarpa, Alican
The camera technology is consistently improving, with high definition, smartcameras being utilized all around the world. Because of the different quality of such cameras, the camera performance analysis plays a critical role for the end users in order to determine the real difference between the available alternatives. The image quality of a camera may be assessed visually using digitally generated test patterns in a controlled environment. The main purpose of this thesis is to automate this assessment and reduce the interaction between the user and the test software in order to prevent any operator-related errors. Although there is a various number of performance criteria about the camera performance, the most important and distinctive properties are chosen in order to evaluate both image and video quality of the test cameras. The studied tests are separated into 2 mainstreams with respect to the main focuses. In the first set of tests, dynamic range, color accuracy and the sharpness of the cameras are assessed automatically. In the second set of tests, the video performances of the cameras are studied. In order to provide a controlled environment, a dark room has been prepared in Multimedia Research Laboratory of Middle East Technical University. In the dark room,only two LG LED 5000K–4000 lux flat light sources have been used. For the video performance tests, the 1D motion platform in Laboratory of Robotics and Autonomous Systems is utilized. The test results are also compared with the results obtained by a commercially available software, Imatest. .
Citation Formats
A. Hasarpa, “Automatic tests for camera performance analysis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.