Investigation of the flexible missile fins under aerothermal loadings

Özkökdemir, Emir
Wings or fins on the body flying at the supersonic speed are subjected to the aerothermal loading. These loads are categorized into two main groups; aerodynamic pressure and aerodynamic heating. They affect the strength of wings. In this thesis study, a flexible NACA 65-009 wing of a missile flying at supersonic speed is investigated. It is studied to define the effect of the change in wing geometry by the external loads on the flow characteristics. The flow simulations are carried on Ansys Fluent that uses the finite-volume method with the SIMPLE-type fully implicit algorithm to solve the conservation equations. Abaqus Standard is used for simulating the load cases to obtain the structural deformation by using the finite element technique. According to the result of simulations, the effect of deformation at lower supersonic regime (1.2<M<2) is relatively lower but it becomes important when the free stream velocity reaches to Mach number of 2.5 and the difference of aerodynamic performances (drag coefficients) of deformed and undeformed wings is about 8.6 %.
Citation Formats
E. Özkökdemir, “Investigation of the flexible missile fins under aerothermal loadings,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.