Numerical investigation of vortex formation at asymmetric horizontal intakes

Sungur, Alper
Given equations in literature for critical submergence depth is for symmetrical intakes; however, in practice, approach flow conditions are not symmetrical for most of the intakes. In this study, formation of the vortices in a horizontal water intake structure composed of a reservoir-pipe system is investigated with 3D numerical modelling using Flow-3D software. The geometrical and hydraulic conditions of the system such as the distance between the side walls of the horizontal intake, pipe diameters and the flow discharge are altered and the critical submergence depth required for the formation of the vortex for each case is determined and compared with the experimental results. It is observed that the critical submergence depths obtained from numerical simulations are very close to the experimental results. Hence, it can be concluded that Flow-3D is a reliable software to observe vortex formation at asymmetric horizontal intakes.
Citation Formats
A. Sungur, “Numerical investigation of vortex formation at asymmetric horizontal intakes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.