Structural analysis, evaluation and recommendations for conservation of the lahore museum /

Shuja, Shajeea
This thesis aims to structurally analyze and evaluate Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan to propose a structural conservation process and formulate recommendations for its conservation. The building completed in 1893 was designed by John Lockwood Kipling and Bhai Ram Singh while Sir Ganga Ram was the engineer incharge. The building besides brick and timber uses metal for the construction of its structural members. The predominant structural system in the building is brick masonry load bearing system while a few galleries employ a dual system - bearing wall and frame. It integrates an array of roofing systems; ranging from brick masonry domes, to saw-tooth steel trussed roofing, flat wooden beam-batten roofs supported by I-Beams and RC slabs. The building from its inception has been subjected to constant repairs, additions and alterations without considering the building holistically. These interventions have been unsympathetic and the building is plagued with a multitude of problems. For the purpose of this thesis two set of studies were conducted. Qualitative studies included historical survey, documentation of the building as well as preparation of drawings to determine current condition and problems. While, quantitative studies were carried out through analytical modelling of four reconstituted geometries of the building to study the structural behavior of the building and to evaluate its safety performance. Reconciliation of these studies showed that the building is globally structurally stable and its seismic performance is satisfactory. Studies also showed that anthropogenic actions are the main cause of localized structural and material damages which afflict the building. These findings have been used to formulate both the structural conservation process and the recommendations.
Citation Formats
S. Shuja, “Structural analysis, evaluation and recommendations for conservation of the lahore museum /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2018.