An Inquiry into the accessibility of archaeological sites for people with physical disabilities /

Çetiner, Meltem
The conservation of cultural heritage is globally regarded as a necessity, and directly emphasized in the international and national documents in a lawful manner. However, the accessibility to heritage places for people with disabilities has become today's common problem which requires a sensitive approach to overcome by means of some design related standardizations and new technologies. According to statistical data, there are 8.5 million people with disabilities that is nearly 13 percent of Turkey’s population. This thesis is prepared with the purpose of enhancing awareness about the problems of accessibility in archaeological sites. It is emphasised that how "accessibility" is a concept closely linked to valorisation of place, being both an instrument and an integral part, and therefore as a fundamental step in the processes of conservation of cultural heritage. In this sense, this study aims, first, to identify the conditions that limit the involvement of people with disabilities in archaeological sites, and further try to develop some design and organisational guiding strategies to overcome accessibility problems of people with physical disabilities in these sites. The study contains two main parts; one of them brings together the principles and approaches set out in the international literature on conservation and disability and then evaluates the selected case studies, the other part deals how design, organisational and the manegerial process should be addressed in order to increase an awareness to solve accessibility problems within the conservation context. Labraunda Ancient City, is a well-preserved and precious site that contains natural and cultural values. but However, this site is also one of the most problematic locations in terms of accessibility in Anatolia. The site is selected as a case area to evalute the the guiding strategies developed in the study. Finally, this resarch is concluded with principles, strategies and actions to ensure the accessibility of archaeological sites to people with physical disabilities without damaging the sites spiritual meaning.
Citation Formats
M. Çetiner, “An Inquiry into the accessibility of archaeological sites for people with physical disabilities /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2018.