Possibility of political emancipation in Nietzsche

Salmanoğ, Özgür
This thesis analyzes whether political emancipation is possible or not in Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. In fact, it is an ongoing debate whether Nietzsche is a political thinker. Therefore, despite the fact that the issue of freedom is analyzed in several other places, political emancipation is not analyzed in the literature. Hence, this thesis aims to fill this theoretical gap. Nietzsche’s works have extensive criticisms of modernity. In this regard, firstly, looking at the theories of political freedom, which are conceptualized in modernity, and how Nietzsche criticizes these theories are necessary in order to find out indications of political emancipation in Nietzsche. From this criticism, Nietzsche’s concept of politics will be deduced. It will be seen that the politics is the struggle between nihilists and anti-nihilists and it is a struggle of their values. Secondly, the subjects of this political struggle will be analyzed in detail. Thirdly, the problem of values will be discussed. Finally, the issue of the political struggle for Nietzsche will be elaborated to reach a final answer. This dissertation attempts at bringing a different perspective on Nietzsche’s philosophy.
Citation Formats
Ö. Salmanoğ, “Possibility of political emancipation in Nietzsche,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.