Collaboration among creative industry workers in new workspaces: the case of a creative hub in İstanbul

Çakır, Ezgi
Over the past ten years, alternative workspaces have been the most preferable options among the creative industry workers who are either self-employed or members of small or medium-sized companies, start-ups and ventures. Despite increasing numbers of these collaborative workspaces all around the world, in Turkey’s scope, these spaces can only be found in very few locations in the major cities. However, although these workspaces are growing in popularity among creative workers, there has been only limited systematic research about the collaborative work dynamics in these new workspaces through the workers’ relationships. Most of the studies in the literature focus on the new industry workers’ working and life-based problems. This thesis specifically examines this gap exploring how the collaboration, interaction, and communication of the interdisciplinary community members is built and developed in ‘creative hubs’, and how the characteristics of these spaces trigger these interactions. For the case study, a creative hub called ATÖLYE was found worthy of examination because of its collaborative work approach and community-based, interactive environment. The fieldwork of this thesis is comprised of a series of semi-structured interviews with 24 ATÖLYE community members and participant observation in the venue over four weeks. Based on the analysis of collected data and a review of related literature, the study’s findings are divided into three prominent conclusions. One of the main conclusions is about the significance of mutual trust, a sense of belonging and solidarity among the members which are the fuels for building collaboration and instant feedback culture. And secondly, interdisciplinary community effects on the creation of the educational environment, its positive impacts on projects and personal development. Lastly, the continuum of use and repurposing of space characteristics are presented for comprehension of how the tangible and intangible features affect each other.
Citation Formats
E. Çakır, “Collaboration among creative industry workers in new workspaces: the case of a creative hub in İstanbul,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.