Tight contact structures on hyperbolic three-manifolds

Seçgin, Merve
In this dissertation, we study tight contact structures on hyperbolic 3-manifolds and homology spheres. We build a family of infinitely many hyperbolic 3-manifolds admitting tight contact structures. To put it more explicitly, we consider a certain infinite family of surface bundles over the circle whose monodromies are taken from some collection of pseudo-Anosov diffeomorphisms. We show the existence of tight contact structure on every closed 3-manifold obtained via rational r-surgery along a section of any member of the family except one r. Consequently, we obtain infinitely many hyperbolic closed 3-manifolds admitting tight contact structures. Moreover, we construct infinitely many contractible 4-manifolds bounded by a homology sphere as generalized Mazur type manifolds built by Akbulut and Kirby. Specifically, the construction is formed by a 4-dimensional 2-handlebody where infinitely many of them have hyperbolic Stein fillable boundaries.
Citation Formats
M. Seçgin, “Tight contact structures on hyperbolic three-manifolds,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.