The Effects of text annotation on second language reading comprehension in the context of mobile environment

Gökben, Cengizhan
Mobile technologies provide second language learners with many opportunities to develop their second language reading comprehension skills. This thesis investigated the effects of text annotation upon intermediate learners’ second language reading comprehension in the context of mobile learning. The study employed a mixed method research with embedded design. The data were collected through reading comprehension scores and interviews from L2 learners attending from a private language school. For the quantitative part, the same group of 40 L2 learners was exposed successively to two similar reading texts in two different conditions: traditional paper-based form and annotation supported mobile application. Participants’ pre-measure and post-measure reading comprehension scores were analyzed by using paired-sample t-test. In the qualitative part, the interview data were gathered from 16 learners who participated to the quantitative part of the study. Qualitative coding was applied to draw themes and sub-themes from the transcripts. The qauntitative results of the study showed that reading comprehension scores in the first condition were not significantly different from those in the second condition. However, qualitative results revealed that learners found and considered the mobile-assisted annotation module quite beneficial and useful.