A Case study on middle grade mathematics teachers’ use of questioning in teaching lines and angles

Yılmaz, Ayşenur
The purpose of the study was to identify tools that help teachers to use in teacher questioning in middle-grade mathematics classrooms. In addition to this, the study aimed to examine teachers’ questioning behaviors concerning teachers' question types and the interaction among the tools for questioning and question types. This study was applied a multiple case with two middle grade mathematics teachers. The participant teachers were video recorded for the lines and angles topic. In one of the classroom, technology was included, and there was a non-technology enhanced classroom environment for the other classroom. The findings of the study showed that, in total, there were six categories of tools for questioning, which included information technology, printed supplementary materials, teacher drawings, student ideas, analogies, and real-life examples. Participant teachers used guiding, probing, and factual questions during their instructions. Participant teachers differed from each other in the types of questions and characteristics of the types of the questions they used throughout the lessons. The relations among the tools for questioning showed that for Teacher Caner, printed supplementary book was closely in relation to students’ questions or ideas while for Teacher Barış, supplementary book was closely related to his drawings while solving worked examples. The relations among the tools for questioning and question types of the teachers showed that Teacher Caner was used tools for questioning with all question types while Mr. Barış was only used guiding questions with all his tools for questioning. The findings of the study were discussed and the further studies were suggested.