A Conceptual model proposal of dynamic architecture with dynamic internal walls as interaction interface

Gür, Elif Nadide
Dynamic Architecture first appeared in 20th century in the field of architecture and have been seen under various names over time such as Transformable Architecture, Responsive Architecture, Adaptive Architecture, Intelligent Architecture and so on. Each of them are specialized on their abilities of responsiveness, transformation and intelligence in accordance with the economic, functional and energy requirements. The reason why Dynamic Architecture is developing fast is that it the follows the latest improvements in the field of electronics, structural engineering and computational sciences. In the light of the latest developments, the aim of this thesis is to propose a conceptual model of an inclusive and advanced dynamic architectural space, which has dynamic internal walls as interaction interface to strengthen humanbuilding interactivity with intelligent behaviors. As the recent developments in artificial intelligence and structural engineering make advanced architectural environments possible, multi-agent dynamic systems can be used to control ambient intelligence of the space and deep learning algorithms can be used in interactive interface to communicate more interactively with users. With this proposal, a space can become more interactive by gaining the capabilities of dynamism and intelligent behavior, which can push the dynamic building term one step forward by improving human-building interactions and it can have its own characteristics using what it senses and learns. For this purpose, the positive aspects of dynamic architectural terms, construction of dynamic structures and composition of intelligent behaviors of the space are the matters of discussion in this thesis.
Citation Formats
E. N. Gür, “A Conceptual model proposal of dynamic architecture with dynamic internal walls as interaction interface,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2018.