Stability assessment of the landslide in Bartın Kirazlı bridge dam diversion km: 18 + 325 – 18 + 421 segment

Görbil, Barış
Bartın Kirazlı Bridge Dam construction has started on Gökırmak stream in 1999 for the purposes of irrigation and power generation and is continuing at present. By the end of construction, Gökırmak stream level will reach +105 meters, and the existing Bartın – Safranbolu (D755) Highway will be submerged under water. A new alignment is determined for the relocation of the submerged road and named as the "Kirazlı Bridge Dam Diversion". With the start of the new highway construction, the paleo – landslide regions over the new alignment area were triggered and a mass movement occurred at the Km: 18 + 325 – 18 + 421 section. The purpose of this thesis is to define the characteristics of this landslide, to determine the sliding surface location, to reveal the mobilized mass amount and to specify the appropriate remediation and measurements for long term stability. For this purpose, in – situ site investigations and laboratory tests were conducted. With the data obtained from the investigation works, the landslide model was formed, and the shear strength parameters of the landslide mass were determined by back analysis performed on three critical sections of the model. In addition, slope stability analysis was performed by limit equilibrium method for both static and dynamic (seismic) conditions. As a result of these studies, ground water level reduction by pumping in short term, rock buttress application after temporary toe excavation and dewatering of the area by surface and subsurface drainage remediation phases were found suitable for the long term stability of the landslide.
Citation Formats
B. Görbil, “Stability assessment of the landslide in Bartın Kirazlı bridge dam diversion km: 18 + 325 – 18 + 421 segment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.