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Multifunctional natural polymer-based metallic implant surface modifications
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Evis, Zafer (2021-03-01)
High energy traumas could cause critical damage to bone, which will require permanent implants to recover while functionally integrating with the host bone. Critical sized bone defects necessitate the use of bioactive meta...
Boron-doped Biphasic Hydroxyapatite/beta-Tricalcium Phosphate for Bone Tissue Engineering
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Keskin, Dilek; Kolukisa, Serap Topsoy; Surdem, Sedat; Evis, Zafer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-10)
Boron-doped hydroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphates (BHTs) were synthesized to study boron uptake and correlate structural alterations of incremental boron addition (0 to 10 mol%). BHTs with a Ca/P ratio of 1.6 were prepared ...
Historical development of simulated body fluids used in biomedical applications: A review
Yilmaz, Bengi; Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Evis, Zafer (Elsevier BV, 2020-06-01)
Simulated body fluid (SBF) is an acellular, protein-free, supersaturated calcium-phosphate solution with ionic composition nearly equal to that of human blood plasma and generally buffered at physiological conditions (pH 7...
Composite clinoptilolite/PCL-PEG-PCL scaffolds for bone regeneration: In vitro and in vivo evaluation
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Dikmen, Tayfun; Altunbas, Korhan; Yaprakci, Volkan; Erdemli, Ozge; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen (Wiley, 2020-01-01)
In this study, clinoptilolite (CLN) was employed as a reinforcement in a polymer-based composite scaffold in bone tissue engineering and evaluated in vivo for the first time. Highly porous, mechanically stable, and osteoge...
Nanocrystalline Zn2+ and SO42- binary doped fluorohydroxyapatite: A novel biomaterial with enhanced osteoconductive and osteoinconductive properties
ALSHEMARY, AMMAR ZEIDAN GHAILAN; Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Dalgıç, Ali Deniz; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Keskin, Dilek; Evis, Zafer (2019-11-01)
In this study, we have successfully doped hydroxyapatite (HA) with zinc (Zn2+), sulphate (SO42-) and fluoride (F-) ions to develop a new composition of bioceramic, Ca10-xZnx(PO4)(6-y)(SO4)(y)(OH)(2-z-y)F-z(SO4)(y), (x = 0,...
Boron Doped Hydroxyapatite/Tricalcium Phosphate for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Topsoy Kolukısa, Serap; Evis, Zafer (null; 2019-10-20)
Porous clinoptilolite-nano biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds loaded with human dental pulp stem cells for load bearing orthopedic applications
Alshemary, Ammar Zeıdan Ghaılan; Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Hussain, Rafaqat; Evis, Zafer (IOP Publishing, 2019-09-01)
Clinoptilolite (Cpt)-nanohydroxyapatite (HA) (Cpt-HA) scaffolds were fabricated as a potential material for load bearing orthopaedic applications. Cpt-HA materials were successfully synthesized by using microwave assisted ...
Resorbable PCEC/gelatin-bismuth doped bioglass-graphene oxide bilayer membranes for guided bone regeneration
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Evis, Zafer; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen (IOP Publishing, 2019-05-01)
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a therapeutic modality applied prior to dental implant placement to increase bone density at the defect site or during placement for directing bone growth around implant. In this study, an...
Preparation of Boron Doped Hydroxyapatite/Tricalcium Phosphate for Reinforcing Osseointegration
Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Kolukısa, Serap; Evis, Zafer (2019-04-19)
In vitro performance of a nanobiocomposite scaffold containing boron-modified bioactive glass nanoparticles for dentin regeneration
Rad, Reza Moonesi; Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin; Akguen, Elif Ece; Evis, Zafer; Keskin, Dilek; Sahin, Sila; Tezcaner, Ayşen (SAGE Publications, 2019-01-01)
Every year, many dental restoration methods are carried out in the world and most of them do not succeed. High cost of these restorations and rejection possibility of the implants are main drawbacks. For this reason, a reg...
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