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Recent Submissions

A strategy based on statistical modelling and multi-objective optimization to design a dishwasher cleaning cycle
Anapa, Korkut; Yücel, Hamdullah (2024-09-01)
This study proposes a novel approach based on statistical learning and multi-objective optimization to reduce the need for experiments during the design phase of new cleaning cycles for household dishwashers. We first buil...
Disruption, panic buying, and pricing: A comprehensive game-theoretic exploration
Soltanzadeh, Shima; Rafiee, Majid; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-05-01)
No one can cast a shadow on the disruption and customer buying behavior change, especially panic buying, as a result of it. Thus, designing scenarios to examine the influence of this situation on pricing decisions plays a ...
Metaheuristic-driven extended exergy accounting for sustainable closed-loop food supply chain management
Shokouhifar, Mohammad; Naderi, Reihaneh; Goli, Alireza; Gultom, Parapat; Shafiei Nikabadi, Mohsen; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-05-01)
In this research, an exergetic mathematical model is proposed for closed-loop food supply chain network design considering economic, environmental, and social aspects. The studded closed-loop food supply chain consists of ...
A novel Nash-based low-carbon implementation in agricultural supply chain management
Hamidoğlu, Ali; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-04-10)
The transition to low-carbon agriculture is seen as essential for accelerating the implementation of ecologically friendly and climate-smart agricultural supply chain management strategies. Success in these efforts depends...
Location–allocation problem for green efficient two-stage vehicle-based logistics system: A type-2 neutrosophic multi-objective modeling approach
Das, Soumen Kumar; Yu, Vincent F.; Roy, Sankar Kumar; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-03-15)
In recent decades, global climate change has become one of the most critical environmental issues, leading to increased environmental and social concerns about the sustainability of logistics networks. This study proposes ...
A stabilized finite element formulation with shock-capturing for solving advection-dominated convection–diffusion equations having time-fractional derivatives
Cengizci, Süleyman; Uğur, Ömür; Natesan, Srinivasan (2024-03-01)
Numerical instabilities arising when simulating transport phenomena dominated by convection processes are among the most challenging situations in computational science, demanding the use of non-classical formulations and ...
A fast NTRU software implementation based on 5-way TMVP
Yaman Gökce, Neslihan; Gökce, Anıl Burak; Cenk, Murat (2024-03-01)
The fast and efficient operation of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms has become an important research topic, especially with the recent developments and the process of the PQC Standardization Project by NIST. Various ...
Vine Copula Approach to Understand the Financial Dependence of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Index
Evkaya, Ömer Ozan; Gür, Ismail; Yıldırım Külekci, Bükre; Poyraz, Gülden (2024-02-01)
Recently, the complex dependence patterns among various stocks gained more importance. Measuring the dependency structure is critical for investors to manage their portfolio risks. Since the global financial crisis, resear...
Complete Characterization of a Class of Permutation Trinomial in Characteristic Five
Grassl, Markus; Özbudak, Ferruh; Özkaya, Buket; Gülmez Temür, Burcu (2024-02-01)
In this paper, we address an open problem posed by Bai and Xia in [2]. We study polynomials of the form f (x) = x4q+1 + λ1 x5q + λ2 x q+4 over the finite field F5k , which are not quasi- multiplicative equivalent to any of...
Circular Economy Practices in the Context of Emerging Economies
Ali, Sadia Samar; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm; Tirkolaee, Erfan Babaee; Goli, Alireza (2024-02-01)
Improved Spectral Bound for Quasi-Cyclic Codes
Luo, Gaojun; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Ling, San; Özkaya, Buket (2024-01-01)
Spectral bounds form a powerful tool to estimate the minimum distances of quasi-cyclic codes. They generalize the defining set bounds of cyclic codes to those of quasi-cyclic codes. Based on the eigenvalues of quasi-cyclic...
Özcan, İsmail; ALPARSLAN GÖK, Sırma Zeynep; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-01-01)
The social arrangement of organizations determines the potential possibilities of all group of agents in several economic and Operations Research (OR) situations. In this paper, a class of cooperative games in which agents...
CEngizci, S.; Uğur, Ömür (2024-01-01)
This computational study concerns approximate solutions of singularly perturbed one-dimensional boundary-value problems having perturbed convection and diffusion terms. Such kinds of problems take different stands dependin...
Shokouhifar, Mohammad; Yazdanjouei, Hossein; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2024-01-01)
Symbolic simplification of analog circuits is a computationally challenging problem due to the exponential growth of the number of symbolic terms with the circuit size. In recent years, researchers have proposed various me...
Direct and inverse problems for a 2D heat equation with a Dirichlet–Neumann–Wentzell boundary condition
Ismailov, Mansur I.; Türk, Önder (2023-12-01)
In this paper we present the inverse problem of determining a time dependent heat source in a two-dimensional heat equation accompanied with Dirichlet–Neumann–Wentzell boundary conditions. The model is of significant pract...
On the information content of implied liquidity measure: Evidence from the S&P 500 index options
Yerli, Cigdem; Eksi-Altay, Zehra; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (2023-11-01)
This paper aims to unfold the information content of the implied liquidity measure, which is introduced through the Conic Finance theory and considered a proxy for the market liquidity level. We propose a partial informati...
Classification of stochastic processes with topological data analysis
Güzel, İsmail; Kaygun, Atabey (2023-11-01)
In this study, we demonstrate that engineered topological features can distinguish time series sampled from different stochastic processes with different noise characteristics, in both balanced and unbalanced sampling sche...
Mathematical encouragement of companies to cooperate by using cooperative games with fuzzy approach
Özcan, Ismail; Sledzinski, Jacek Dominik; Gök, Sırma Zeynep Alparslan; Butlewski, Marcin; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2023-10-01)
In this paper, we will analyze the phenomenon of strategic cooperation between companies competing with each other so far. The analysis will concern the real situation of establishing a strategic alliance between companies...
Quasi-twisted codes as contractions of quasi-cyclic codes
Özkaya, Buket; Özbudak, Ferruh (2023-10-01)
Hybrid wavelet-neural network models for time series
Kılıç, Deniz Kenan; Uğur, Ömür (2023-09-01)
The use of wavelet analysis contributes to better modeling for financial time series in the sense of both frequency and time. In this study, S&P500 and NASDAQ data are separated into several components utilizing multiresol...
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