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InGaN stress compensation layers in InGaN/GaN blue LEDs with step graded electron injectors
Sheremet, V.; Gheshlaghi, N.; Sozen, M.; Elci, M.; Sheremet, N.; AYDINLI, ATİLLA; ALTUNTAŞ, İSMAİL; Ding, K.; Avrutin, V.; Ozgur, U.; Morkoc, H. (2018-04-01)
We investigate the effect of InGaN stress compensation layer on the properties of light emitting diodes based on InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well (MQW) structures with step graded electron injectors. Insertion of an InGaN s...
On the Construction of 20 x 20 and 24 x 24 Binary Matrices with Good Implementation Properties for Lightweight Block Ciphers and Hash Functions
SAKALLI, MUHARREM TOLGA; AKLEYLEK, SEDAT; ASLAN, BORA; BULUŞ, ERCAN; Sakalli, Fatma Buyuksaracoglu (2014-01-01)
We present an algebraic construction based on state transform matrix (companion matrix) for n x n (where n + 2(k), k being a positive integer) binary matrices with high branch number and low number of fixed points. We also...
Weighing Diverse Theoretical Models on Turkish Maqam Music Against Pitch Measurements: A Comparison of Peaks Automatically Derived from Frequency Histograms with Proposed Scale Tones
Bozkurt, Baris; Yarman, Ozan; Karaosmanoglu, M. Kemal; Akkoc, Can (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
Since the early 20th century, various theories have been advanced in order to mathematically explain and notate modes of Traditional Turkish music known as maqams. In this article, maqam scales according to various theoret...
Nursing Students' Perception of the Internet in Turkey: A Questionnaire Survey
Tastan, Sevinc; Tastan, Birhan; Iyigun, Emine; Ayhan, Hatice (2011-01-01)
Background: Rapid developments in the Internet technologies led to changes in every aspect of life. In case of nursing education, awareness and use of the Internet becomes vital. Within this framework nursing students are ...
A modified algorithm for peer-to-peer security
Akleylek, Sedat; Emmungil, Levent; NURİYEV, URFAT (2007-01-01)
In this paper we present the steganographic approach to peer-to-peer systems with a modified algorithm. This gives the user a very high level of protection against being compelled to disclose its contents. Even the realiza...
IND-CCA secure encryption based on a Zheng-Seberry scheme
AK, MURAT; Hanoymak, Turgut; SELÇUK, ALİ AYDIN (Elsevier BV, 2014-03-15)
In 1993, Zheng and Seberry proposed three methods for strengthening public key cryptosystems. These methods aimed to obtain schemes that are secure against adaptively chosen ciphertext attacks. One method was improving sec...
A short note on permutation trinomials of prescribed type
Akbal, Yildirim; GÜLMEZ TEMÜR, BURCU; Ongan, Pinar (Informa UK Limited, 2019-11-21)
We show that there are no permutation trinomials of the form hox 1/4 x5 ox5oq1 xq1 1 over Fq2 where q is not a power of 2. Together with a result of Zha, Z., Hu, L., Fan, S., hox permutes Fq2 if q 1/4 2k where k 2 omod 4, ...
A Modified Parallel Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm for Real-Time Hardware Applications
Alkim, Erdem; AKLEYLEK, SEDAT; KILIÇ, ERDAL (2017-10-01)
In this study a modified learning vector quantization (LVQ) algorithm is proposed. For this purpose, relevance LVQ (RLVQ) algorithm is effciently combined with a reinforcement mechanism. In this mechanism, it is shown that...
Cooperation under interval uncertainty
Alparslan-Goek, S. Zeynep; Miquel, Silvia; Tijs, Stef H. (2009-03-01)
In this paper, the classical theory of two-person cooperative games is extended to two-person cooperative games with interval uncertainty. The core, balancedness, superadditivity and related topics are studied. Solutions c...
Branzei, R.; Tijs, S.; ALPARSLAN GÖK, Sırma Zeynep (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2010-04-01)
Uncertainty accompanies almost every situation in our lives and it influences our decisions. On many occasions uncertainty is so severe that we can only predict some upper and lower bounds for the outcome of our (collabora...