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Descriptive complexity of subsets of the space of finitely generated groups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan; Kaya, Burak (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier GmbHIn this paper, we determine the descriptive complexity of subsets of the Polish space of marked groups defined by various group theoretic properties. In particular, using Grigorchuk groups, we establish...
Universal groups of intermediate growth and their invariant random subgroups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan; Nagnibeda, Tatiana (2015-07-01)
We exhibit examples of groups of intermediate growth with ergodic continuous invariant random subgroups. The examples are the universal groups associated with a family of groups of intermediate growth.
Uncountably many 2-generated just-infinite branch pro-2 groups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan (2015-01-01)
The aim of this note is to prove that there are 2 non-isomorphic 2 generated just-infinite branch pro-2 groups.
On the condensation property of the lamplighter groups and groups of intermediate growth
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan (Lugansk Taras Shevchenko National University, 2014-06-01)
The aim of this short note is to revisit some old results about groups of intermediate growth and groups of the lamplighter type and to show that the Lamplighter group L = Z2 ≀ Z is a condensation group and has a minimal p...
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