Fresh fruit and vegetable marketing system for the development of Ankara.

Çetin, Gürkan


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market for Ankara.
Akdamar, Cem; Department of Architecture (1966)
Saline water conversion for small communities using solar distillation technique.
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Periodic foodstuff markets and market traders in Ankara
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Commercial Real Estate, Information Production and Market Activity
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This paper addresses several issues related to the production of information across commercial real estate markets. The purpose is to determine the extent to which factors of production might complement or substitute for one another. A simple model is presented to illustrate the potential trade-offs between appraisal- and transactions-based information production. A series of empirical tests are performed on a panel data set constructed for 51 markets covering 9 years, 2001 through 2009. The number of comme...
Stream daylighting: An operative landscape infrastructure for Ankara
İdali Özden, Özge; Barlas, Adnan; Baş Bütüner, Funda; Urban Design (2020-9)
While politicians prefer to make investments on visible projects, sanitary and ecological infrastructure projects are not generally preferred or postponed due to their long-term results. Infrastructure investments, which are realized by spending a large amount of public taxes, are mostly considered problems that engineers have to solve and do not attract most people, including designers. The most crucial infrastructure problem for cities is Urban Water. For instance, water flows when we turn on the tap and ...
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G. Çetin, “Fresh fruit and vegetable marketing system for the development of Ankara.,” Middle East Technical University, 1970.