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Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Ultrafast electron/energy transfer and intersystem crossing mechanisms in bodipy-porphyrin compounds
Tutel, Yusuf; Sevinç, Gökhan; Küçüköz, Betül; Yildiz, Elif Akhuseyin; Karatay, Ahmet; Dumanoğulları, Fatih Mehmet; Yılmaz, Halil; Hayvali, Mustafa; Elmali, Ayhan (2021-02-01)
© 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.Meso-substituted borondipyrromethene (BODIPY)-porphyrin compounds that include free base porphyrin with two different numbers of BODIPY groups (BDP-TTP and 3BDP-TTP)...
Thermally Induced Phase Transition and Defect-Assisted Nonlinear Absorption and Optical Limiting in Nanorod Morphology V2O5 Thin Films
Pepe, Yasemin; Tutel, Yusuf; Yildiz, Elif Akhuseyin; Karatay, Ahmet; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Elmalı, Ayhan (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Wiley-VCH GmbHVanadium pentoxide (V2O5) thin films are greatly favorable materials for optoelectronic applications due to their broad optical bandgap and considerable thermal and chemical stability. Herein, the infl...
Wearable supercapacitors based on nickel tungstate decorated commercial cotton fabrics
Hekmat, Farzaneh; Tutel, Yusuf; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2020-07-01)
Symmetric supercapacitors (SSCs) with remarkable energy storing capability, high specific power as well as long-term cyclic stability were fabricated from nickel tungstate (NiWO4) @ nickel oxide (NiOx) decorated commercial...
Wearable Supercapacitors Based on Hierarchical Nickel Tungsten Trioxide@Nickel Oxide
Hekmat, Farzaneh; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah; Tutel, Yusuf (null; 2019-09-11)
Investigation of ultrafast energy transfer mechanism in BODIPY-Porphyrin dyad system
Dumanogullari, Fatih Mehmet; Tutel, Yusuf; Kucukoz, Betul; Sevinc, Gokhan; Karatay, Ahmet; Yilmaz, Halil; Hayvali, Mustafa; Elmali, Ayhan (2019-03-01)
Novel beta-fused BODIPY-Porphyrin compounds that contain free base porphyrin (TPP2BDP) and its Ni(II) complex (NiTPP2BDP) were synthesized to investigate intramolecular energy transfer mechanisms of beta-fused BODIPY-porph...
Enhancement of two photon absorption properties and intersystem crossing by charge transfer in pentaaryl boron-dipyrromethene (BODIPY) derivatives
Kucukoz, B.; Sevinc, G.; Yildiz, E.; Karatay, A.; Zhong, F.; Yilmaz, H.; Tutel, Yusuf; Hayvali, M.; Zhao, J.; Yaglioglu, H. G. (2016-05-01)
Novel BODIPY derivatives containing N,N-diphenylamine, 4-methoxyphenyl, 2,4-dimethoxyphenyl, triphenylamine, and 1-pyrene moieties were designed and synthesized for the first time by employing the palladium-catalyzed Suzuk...
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