İlker Dalğar

Department of Psychology
Assessing dispositions towards ridicule and being laughed at: Development and initial validation of the Turkish PhoPhiKat-45
DURSUN, PINAR; Dalğar, İlker; Brauer, Kay; Yerlikaya, Ercument; Proyer, Rene T. (2020-02-01)
How people deal with humor and laughter is culturally constructed within a society but each member may differ in their attitudes. Depending upon this, this study aimed to test the factor structure of PhoPhiKat-45 (Ruch and...
Cross-Cultural Consistency and Relativity in the Enjoyment of Thinking Versus Doing
Buttrick, Nicholas; et. al. (2019-11-01)
Which is more enjoyable: trying to think enjoyable thoughts or doing everyday solitary activities? Wilson et al. (2014) found that American participants much preferred solitary everyday activities, such as reading or watch...
Acculturation and suicidal ideation among Turkish migrants in the Netherlands
Eylem, Ozlem; Dalğar, İlker; Ince, Burcin Unlu; Tok, Firdevs; van Straten, Annemieke; de Wit, Leonore; Kerkhof, Ad. J. F. M.; Bhui, Kamaldeep (2019-05-01)
More suicidal ideation and higher rates of attempted suicide are found in Turkish people when compared with the general population in Europe. Acculturation processes and related distress may explain an elevated risk of sui...
Kama Muta: Conceptualizing and Measuring the Experience Often Labelled Being Moved Across 19 Nations and 15 Languages
Zickfeld, Janis H.; et. al. (2019-04-01)
English-speakers sometimes say that they feel "moved to tears," "emotionally touched," "stirred," or that something " warmed their heart;" other languages use similar passive contact metaphors to refer to an affective stat...
The Human Penguin Project: Climate, Social Integration, and Core Body Temperature
IJzerman, Hans; et. al. (2018-10-19)
Social thermoregulation theory posits that modern human relationships are pleisiomorphically organized around body temperature regulation. In two studies (N = 1755) designed to test the principles from this theory, we used...
How Game Addiction Rates and Related Psychosocial Risk Factors Change Within 2-Years: A Follow-Up Study
Baysak, Erkan; YERTUTANOL, FATMA DUYGU KAYA; Dalğar, İlker; CANDANSAYAR, SELÇUK (2018-10-01)
Objective Prospective data of risky online garners in Turkey is missing. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the change in gaming behaviors and addiction rates of Travian players within two years to search diagnostic stabil...
Online Game Addiction in a Sample from Turkey: Development and Validation of the Turkish Version of Game Addiction Scale
Baysak, Erkan; Kaya, Fatma Duygu; Dalğar, İlker; CANDANSAYAR, SELÇUK (2016-03-01)
Objective: Online game addiction also referred to as internet gaming disorder, a clinical condition that is not well-established, is not listed in psychiatric classification systems due to lack of adequate studies but expe...
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