Setting up the Medposidonia Programme in the Mediterranean Region

Pergent, Gerard
Aktan, Yelda
Belbacha, Said
Djellouli, Aslam
de la Grandrive, Renaud Dupuy
Elagil, El Maki Ayad
El Asmi, Souha
Gücü, Ali Cemal
Langar, Habib
Laouar, Saida
Pergent-Martini, Christine
Rais, Chedly
Semroud, Rachid
Sherif, Mohamed
The MedPosidonia programme, an initiative of the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (UNEP/MAP) supported by the Total corporate Foundation, aims at collecting information on the geographic distribution and evolution of Posidonia meadows (Posidonia oceanica) in four Mediterranean countries with a view to using these information to elaborate and/or adjust their conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity programmes. Within the framework of this programme, activities were performed at two locations in Algeria (Kouali Cove and El Kala coasts), three in Tunisia (Sidi Ali El Mekki coasts, Sousse/Monastir Bay and Kerkennah Island), two in Libya (Tripoli area and AM Al-Ghazala coasts) and two in Turkey (Gokceada Island and Mersin area). Several actions were carried out: (i) enhancement of national capacities by the means of training sessions, (ii) carrying out of general cartography works using side scan sonar (lower limit) and remote sensing, through satellite images, (upper limit) techniques, (iii) setting up of monitoring systems along the lower limit following a standardized protocol, (iv) general assessment of seagrass meadow location and vitality, and (v) assessment of the ecological status of the water body using Posidonia oceanica as a bio-indicator. All the data collected were included in a Geographic Information System that will be regularly updated.
10th International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment


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