On the statistical distributions of active intensity directions

Pressure and pressure differences measured using closely-spaced microphone pairs enable the calculation of active intensity directions. These directions are exploited in various applications such as acoustical analysis and modelling, multichannel audio systems, source localization and real-time blind source separation. Despite their widespread usage, the distribution of the active intensity directions in the presence of interference has not been investigated before, except for the diffuse sound field case for which the distribution becomes uniform. In this paper, the interference problem has been formulated using the pressure and pressure differences. Algebra of random variables, fractional linear transformations and Brownian motion have been used for the exposition of the model distributions. It is shown that the distribution is wrapped Cauchy for a single sound source in the presence of independent interference in an anechoic chamber. In a direct plus diffuse sound field, the distribution is offset Cauchy for a nonstationary target source and von Mises for the special case of a stationary target source, related to the Brownian motion. In the presence of multiple independent sound sources, the distribution can be modeled as mixtures of circular Cauchy distributions and a uniform distribution.


Photovoltaic properties of benzotriazole containing alternating donor–acceptor copolymers: Effect of alkyl chain length
Baran, Derya; Balan, Abidin; Stubhan, Tobias; Ameri, Tayebeh; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Brabec, Christoph J. (Elsevier BV, 2012-12)
A series of variable alkyl chain length substituted donor-acceptor (D-A) conjugated polymers with thiophene ring as the donor and benzotriazole moiety as the acceptor has been investigated in bulk heterojunction solar cells. The optical and electrochemical properties showed that the absorption onsets and the energy levels of the copolymers were not affected by alkyl substitution revealing 1.9 eV of optical band gap. The morphologies of the blend film can be fine-tuned by increasing the chain length attached...
Exact solution of the time-dependent harmonic plus an inverse harmonic potential with a time-dependent electromagnetic field
Yuce, C (2003-12-01)
In this paper, the problem of the charged harmonic plus an inverse harmonic oscillator with time-dependent mass and frequency in a time-dependent electromagnetic field is investigated. It is reduced to the problem of the inverse harmonic oscillator with time-independent parameters and the exact wave function is obtained.
On the accuracy and efficiency of surface formula tions in fast analysis of plasmonic structures via MLFMA
Karaosmanoglu, Barıscan; Yılmaz, Akıf; Ergül, Özgür Salih (null; 2016-08-11)
We consider the accuracy and efficiency of surface integral equations, when they are used to formulate electromagnetic problems involving plasmonic objects at optical frequencies. Investigations on the iterative solutions of scattering problems with the multilevel fast multipole algorithm show that the conventional formulations, especially the state-of-the-art integral equations, can significantly be inaccurate, in contrast to their performances for ordinary dielectrics. The varying performances of the form...
Numerical Analysis of Viscoelastic Fluids in Steady Pressure-Driven Channel Flow
YAPICI, KERİM; Karasözen, Bülent; Uludağ, Yusuf (2012-05-01)
The developing steady flow of Oldroyd-B and Phan-Thien-Tanner (PTT) fluids through a two-dimensional rectangular channel is investigated computationally by means of a finite volume technique incorporating uniform collocated grids. A second-order central difference scheme is employed to handle convective terms in the momentum equation, while viscoelastic stresses are approximated by a third-order accurate quadratic upstream interpolation for convective kinematics (QUICK) scheme. Momentum interpolation method...
On the profile of frequency dependent series resistance and surface states in Au/Bi4Ti3O12/SiO2/n-Si(MFIS) structures
Parlaktuerk, F.; Altindal, S.; Tataroglu, A.; Parlak, Mehmet; AGASİEV, AHMED (2008-01-01)
The frequency dependent capacitance-voltage (C-V) and conductance-voltage (G/omega-V) characteristics of the metal-ferroclectric-insulator-semiconductor (Au/Bi4Ti3O12/SiO2/n-Si) structures (MFIS) were investigated by considering series resistance (R-s) and surface state effects in the frequency range of 1 kHz-5 MHz. The experimental C-V-f and G/omega-V-f characteristics of MFIS structures show fairly large frequency dispersion especially at low frequencies due to R-s and N-ss. In addition, the high frequenc...
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