The impact of ICTs-related innovation on public values in public sector

Karkın, Naci
Yavuz, Nilay
Sevinç, Ecem Buse
Gölükçetin, Ece
Public sector innovation presents an understudied field when compared to innovation in elsewhere. This void unprecedentedly grows when information and communication technologies (ICTs) are at stake. Though the presence of developments and studies are growing in recent years, there is still a continuing need to explore the notion of public values (PVs) in public administration in its possible extent. When taking ICTs as intermediary mechanisms, it is arguable that there is a void regarding the effects of public sector innovation through ICTs on PVs to be delivered. This paper addresses this vacuity by presenting a meta-analysis on this very subject by framing a particular positioning in the field through papers systematically defined according to some criteria. We found that ICT-related innovation can promote PVs mainly through transforming the relationship between government and citizens, improving democratic outcomes such as transparency and public participation, assisting in meeting collective expectations of the public, and enabling knowledge exchange and collaboration across different organizations.
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N. Karkın, N. Yavuz, E. B. Sevinç, and E. Gölükçetin, “The impact of ICTs-related innovation on public values in public sector,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: