A Strategy for Origins of Life Research

Scharf, Caleb
Virgo, Nathaniel
Cleaves, H. James
Aono, Masashi
Aubert-Kato, Nathanael
Aydınoğlu, Arsev Umur
Barahona, Ana
Barge, Laura M.
Benner, Steven A.
Biehl, Martin
Brasser, Ramon
Butch, Christopher J.
Chandru, Kuhan
Cronin, Leroy
Danielache, Sebastian
Fischer, Jakob
Hernlund, John
Hut, Piet
Ikegami, Takashi
Kimura, Jun
Kobayashi, Kensei
Mariscal, Carlos
McGlynn, Shawn
Menard, Brice
Packard, Norman
Pascal, Robert
Pereto, Juli
Rajamani, Sudha
Sinapayen, Lana
Smith, Eric
Switzer, Christopher
Takai, Ken
Tian, Feng
Ueno, Yuichiro
Voytek, Mary
Witkowski, Olaf
Yabuta, Hikaru


A mashup-based strategy for migration to service-oriented computing
CETIN, Semih; ALTINTAS, N. Ilker; OGUZTUZUN, Halit; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; TUFEKCI, Ozgur; SULOGLU, Selma (2007-07-20)
Service-Oriented Computing holds great promises to realize the vision of on-demand services available anytime and anywhere. It is still not clear, however, when and how the existing systems will benefit from this new wave. The problem is particularly acute for the software embedded in myriad devices. This work charts a roadmap for migration of legacy software to pervasive service-oriented computing. A key idea is to achieve integration even at the presentation layer, not only at backend layers like applicat...
A component-oriented strategy for building digital design using a product architecture
Sorguç, Arzu; Topak, Sila Çankaya; Messner, J. I. (2022-05-13)
A Semantic Transformation Methodology for the Secondary Use of Observational Healthcare Data in Postmarketing Safety Studies
Pacaci, Anil; Gonul, Suat; Sinaci, A. Anil; Yuksel, Mustafa; Laleci Erturkmen, Gokce B. (Frontiers Media SA, 2018-4-30)
Background: Utilization of the available observational healthcare datasets is key to complement and strengthen the postmarketing safety studies. Use of common data models (CDM) is the predominant approach in order to enable large scale systematic analyses on disparate data models and vocabularies. Current CDM transformation practices depend on proprietarily developed Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) procedures, which require knowledge both on the semantics and technical characteristics of the source datasets an...
A model approach to analyzing discourse in medical articles.
Yıldız, Ziya; Koç, Sabri; Department of English Language Teaching (1992)
A Panel Data Approach for Income-Health Causality
Erdil, Erkan; YETKİNER, İBRAHİM HAKAN (2004-01-01)
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