Wage Inequality and Wage Mobility in Turkey

Tansel, Aysıt
Guven, Aytekin
This paper investigates wage inequality and wage mobility in Turkey using the surveys on income and living conditions. Providing the first evidence on wage mobility for Turkey, our paper also differs from the existing literature by investigating wage inequality and wage mobility over various socio-economic groups. We first present an overview of wage inequality over the period 2005-2011. Next, we compute several measures of wage mobility and explore the link between wage inequality and wage mobility. Further, emphasizing positional mobility, we compute transition matrices and investigate the determinants of transition probabilities. The results show that, overall, wage inequality exhibits a slight increase over the analysis period. Wage mobility in Turkey is lower than what is observed in European Union countries although it increases as the time horizon expands. Wage mobility has an equalizing impact on wage distribution; however, this impact is not substantial enough to overcome the high and persistent wage inequality in Turkey.


Wage Inequality and Returns to Education in Turkey: A Quantile Regression Analysis
Tansel, Aysıt (2012-02-01)
This paper investigates the male wage inequality and its evolution over the 19942002 period in Turkey by estimating Mincerian wage equations using ordinary least squares and quantile regression techniques. Male wage inequality is high in Turkey. While it declined at the lower end of the wage distribution it increased at the top end of wage distribution. Education contributed to higher wage inequality through both within and between dimensions. The within-groups inequality increased and between-groups inequa...
Immigrant domestic women workers in Ankara and Istanbul
Çelik, Nihal; Ecevit, Fatma Yıldız; Department of Sociology (2005)
This study focuses on the relationship between global economy and women̕s labor within a feminist standpoint by examining the personal and occupational experiences of immigrant women doing domestic work in Turkey. The main concern of this study is to investigate how working and living experiences of immigrant domestic women workers in Turkey are shaped by their illegal worker and immigrant status. The aim of this study is to listen to the personal experiences of immigrant domestic women workers from themsel...
Wage Inequality Trends in Europe and the USA
Yağanoğlu, Nazmi Yükselen; Ercan, Hakan; Department of Economics (2007)
There was a well documented surge of wage inequality in the US that started from mid-70s and continued in 80s, slowing down by mid-90s, caused by increased dispersion both between and within groups of people with similar personal characteristics and skills. We analyze the US wage inequality in the more recent years to see if this trend continues. We apply the decomposition technique of Juhn, Murphy and Pierce (1993) and quantile regression to March Current Population Survey data of the US Bureau of Labor St...
Labor Market Experience in a "Pseudo-Home" Country: Turkish Immigrants in Northern Cyprus
Besim, Mustafa; Ekici, Tufan; Guven-Lisaniler, Fatma (2015-07-03)
In this study we analyze the labor market experiences of Turkish immigrants in Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus presents a unique example for Turkish migrants, as many traditional obstacles (language barrier, cultural and ethnic differences and non-transferability of human capital) for immigrant laborers are not applicable since Turkish immigrants have ethnic and cultural similarities to native citizens and Turkey is considered the motherland of Northern Cyprus. Nonetheless, significant differences between ...
Globalization, technological change and labor demand: a firm-level analysis for Turkey
MESCHİ, Elena; Taymaz, Erol; VİVARELLİ, Marco (2016-11-01)
This paper studies the interlinked relationship between globalization and technological upgrading in affecting employment and wages of skilled and unskilled workers in a middle income developing country. It exploits a unique longitudinal firm-level database that covers all manufacturing firms in Turkey over the 1992-2001 period. Turkey is taken as an example of a developing economy that, in that period, had been technologically advancing and becoming increasingly integrated with the world market. The empiri...
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