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Investigation of difference schemes on method of lines

Tarhan, T.
Selçuk, Nevin
A second-order high-resolution Total Variation Diminishing (TVD) scheme based on Lagrange interpolation polynomial was proposed for the spatial discretisation of convective terms in strongly convected problems with non-uniform grid topologies. Performances of classical and TVD-based Finite Difference (FD) schemes, higher-order Lagrange interpolation polynomial-based schemes and the proposed scheme were investigated on the Method of Lines (MOL) solution of two test problems, a simple one-dimensional convective flow and a two-dimensional unsteady laminar diffusion flame. The proposed scheme produced accurate results without spurious oscillations and numerical diffusion encountered in the classical schemes, and hence, was found to be a successful scheme applicable to strongly convective flow problems with non-uniform grid resolution. The proposed algorithm can be readily incorporated into existing codes based not only on MOL but also on other numerical solution techniques.