Hair arsenic concentrations of residents living in Nevsehir province, Turkey

Altun, Beril
ERTAŞ, Nusret
Alshana, Usama
Hisarli, N. Deniz
Asik, Elif
Celebi, Celalettin R.
Atabey, Esref
Ataman, Osman Yavuz
Serce, Hakan
Bilir, Nazmi
Tuncer, A. Murat
Arsenic-contaminated drinking water affects millions of people worldwide, causing substantial mortality and morbidity from cancers, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Geological studies have recently shown that arsenic (As) levels in drinking water ranged from 11 μg L−1 to 500 μg L−1 in Nevsehir-province. However, little is known about the level of arsenic exposure in this area. This study as a part of ongoing molecular epidemiology research concerning carcinogenic risk related to arsenic exposure was focused on the determination of total arsenic concentration in hair of residents (n = 101) collected from two Nevşehir villages, to evaluate the extent of arsenic exposure. Arsenic concentrations in drinking water of the two villages were ranged from 52.1 μg L−1 to 256.5 μg L−1. For comparative purposes, hair samples of residents (n = 96) were also collected from that area having low levels of As (<10 μg L−1) in drinking water. The median (min–max) values for total arsenic in hair samples from residents of two contaminated villages and for control subjects were 1.17 (0.35–6.48) ppm and 0.14 (0.03–0.98) ppm, respectively (p < 0.001). Sixty-three out of 101 hair samples (62%) collected in the two villages exceeded 1.00 ppm, indicating the toxic effects. The effect of different factors, i.e. age, gender, smoking habits and residence time on arsenic levels in hair was investigated in detail. Our data indicated that arsenic concentrations of hair samples collected from residents of Nevşehir, with higher levels of arsenic in drinking water appeared to be elevated compared with lower levels, which suggested deleterious exposure to arsenic. This study was funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Project No. 109S419.
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