Formation of gold plated electroformed copper structures

Arslan, Burcu
Demirci, Gökhan
Karakaya, İshak
Gold-plated electroformed copper structures are used to protect sensors from stray radiation and improve the image quality in infrared cameras, imaging systems, missile guidance systems and several other devices. These multilayer electroformed objects have tight dimensional and weight tolerances. Furthermore, their internal and external surfaces often exhibit low and high emissivity, respectively. Reflectivity at the outer surface was achieved by gold electrodeposition. Moreover, inner copper layer was converted to copper oxides to obtain high absorption. Characterisation of the coatings were done in terms of microstructure, roughness, infrared specular reflectivity of layers, texture and stress formation by SEM, profilometer, FTIR, parallel beam XRD and deposit stress analyzer, respectively.
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B. Arslan, G. Demirci, İ. Karakaya, and M. ERDOĞAN, “Formation of gold plated electroformed copper structures,” pp. 384–393, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: