An overview of trace based public key cryptography over finite fields

The Discrete Log Problem (DLP), that is computing x, given y = alpha(x) and (alpha) = G subset of F-q*, based Public Key Cryptosystem (PKC) have been studied since the late 1970's. Such development of PKC was possible because of the trapdoor function! : Z(l) -> G = (alpha) subset of F-q*, f (m) = alpha(m) is a group homomorphism. Due to this fact we have; Diffie Hellman (DH) type key exchange, EIGamal type message encryption, and Nyberg-Rueppel type digital signature protocols. The cryptosystems based on the trapdoor f (m) = am are well understood and complete. However, there is another trapdoor function f : Z(l) -> G, f (m) > Tr(alpha(m)), where G = <alpha > subset of F-qk* k >= 2, which needs more attention from researchers from a cryptographic tographic protocols point of view. In the above mentioned case, although f is computable, it is not clear how to produce protocols such as Diffie Hellman type key exchange, EIGamal type message encryption, and Nyberg-Rueppel type digital signature algorithm, in general. It would be better, of course if we can find a more efficient algorithm than repeated squaring and trace to compute f (m) = Tr(am) together with these protocols. In the literature we see some works for a more efficient algorithm to compute f (m) = Tr(am) and not wondering about the protocols. We also see some works dealing with an efficient algorithm to compute Tr(am) as well as discussing the cryptographic protocols. In this review paper, we are going to discuss the state of art on the subject.


Evaluation of Hypersingular Integrals on Non-planar Surfaces
Selcuk, Gokhun; Koç, Seyit Sencer (2014-05-16)
Solving electric field integral equation (EFIE) with Nystrom method requires accurate evaluation of hypersingular surface integrals since this method does not use divergence conforming basis and testing functions. The success of the method also depends on accurate representation of non-planar characteristics of the scattering object. In this study Hadamard finite part interpretation is used to evaluate hypersingular integrals over non-planar surfaces, which are represented by their Taylor series expansions....
A categorical approach to the maximum theorem
Koudenburg, Seerp Roald (2018-08-01)
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Almost periodic solutions of the linear differential equation with piecewise constant argument
Akhmet, Marat (2009-10-01)
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Some upper bounds for density of function spaces
Önal, Süleyman (Elsevier BV, 2009-05-01)
Let C-alpha(X, Y) be the set of all continuous functions from X to Y endowed with the set-open topology where alpha is a hereditarily closed, compact network on X which is closed Under finite unions. We proved that the density of the space C-alpha(X, Y) is at most iw(X) . d(Y) where iw(X) denotes the i-weight of the Tychonoff space X, and d(Y) denotes the density of the space Y when Y is an equiconnected space with equiconnecting function psi, and Y has a base consists of psi-convex Subsets of Y. We also pr...
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Kükrer, Osman; Ertan, H. Bülnet (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1988-7)
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