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3D forest fire propagation simulation

Koese, Kivanc
Grammalidis, Nikolaos
Yılmaz, Erdal
Cetin, Enis
The increase in the number of forest fires in the last few years dispatch governments to take precautions. Besides prevention, early intervention is also very important in fire fighting. If the firefighters know where the fire will be in some time, it would be easier for them to stop the fire. Therefore a big need for simulating the fire behavior exists. In this paper we are proposing a system which can simulate the propagation of fire in time. Also this system can visualize the propagation of fire in any 3D-GIS environment, that accepts KMZ as a file format. Besides, any user demanded data can be visualized on the map of the system. This gives the chance of fire planning to firefighters. The system can visualize its results on 3D screens in 3D. Therefore, a better understanding of the terrain can be obtained.