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A novel analytical system involving hydride generation and gold-coated W-coil trapping atomic absorption spectrometry for selenium determination at ng l(-1) level

Kula, I.
Arslan, Y.
Bakirdere, S.
Ataman, Osman Yavuz
A novel analytical technique was developed where gaseous hydrogen selenide formed by sodium tetra hydrobora te reduction is transported to and trapped on a resistively heated gold-coated W-coil atom trap for in situ preconcentration. Gold coating on W-coil was prepared by using an organic solution of Au. The atom trap is held at 165 degrees C during the collection stage and is heated up to 675 degrees C for revolatilization; analyte species formed are transported to an externally heated quartz T-tube where the atornization takes place and the transient signal is obtained. The carrier gas consisted of 112.5 ml min' At with 75 ml min(-1) H(2) during the collection step and 112.5 ml min(-1) At with 450 ml min(-1) H(2) in the revolatilization step. The half width of the transient signal obtained is less than 0.5 s. The RSD for the measurements was found to be 3.9% (n = 11) for 0.10 mu g l(-1) Se using peak height measurements.