Impacts of Seaplanes and Seaports on the Perception and Conception of the Modern City: The Case of Istanbul

Zelef, Mustafa Haluk
This article focuses on the waterscape of Istanbul, uncovering an episode in the city's urban history based on this main geographic characteristic. It studies the novel civil seaplane transportation technologies of the 1920s and 1930s, analyzing their actual and possible impacts on the city. These planes provided not only a rapid link between the city and Europe but also a new vantage point for the perception of its natural and built environment. The aircraft were also planned to play innovative roles in the conception of the urban structure of a modern city as well as in the envisioned international events.


The Third EAHN Meeting in Turin: A Roundup
Rosso, Michela; Altan, Tomris Elvan; Deriu, Davide; Hanisch, Ruth; Hurx, Merlijn; Stieber, Nancy (2015-07-16)
Turin, the home of a lively community of historians and a city that has attracted the interest of architectural and urban historians across the whole 20th century, was chosen to host the Third EAHN Meeting in 2014. In accordance with the network's spirit of enhancing communication and encouraging the exchange of research outputs well beyond the boundaries of the European framework, the Third Meeting welcomed a large international community of scholars who delivered and discussed 157 papers and discussion po...
Impacts of policies after 1980 on public buildings: the “unoccupied” buildings of Emlakbank, Sümerbank and Tekel in Ulus in Ankara
Şahin, Özge; Gür, Berin Fatma; Department of Architecture (2008)
This thesis examines the “unoccupied” buildings in Ankara, which are not refunctioned due to the social, political, and economic reasons after 1980s. 1980s can be accepted as the breaking point in the social, economic and political history of Turkey. The significant policy of this period is the privatization of the governmental institutions, which includes the institutions of service, production and also finance. The building stock of privatized institutions is sold or assigned to the other institutions, or...
Kaya, Atakan; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2022-12-19)
This thesis examines the transition from urban managerialism to urban entrepreneurialism in Turkey in the case of Ankara. The transformation of urban governance put forward by Harvey has widely discussed in the urban literature. However, how Harvey's theoretical framework has realized in Turkey was rarely discussed. In this study, the change in Turkey has been examined by considering the society-oriented municipalism emerged in the 1970s and the social municipalism approaches applied in the 2000s. Jessop's ...
Actors of change: railway projects and urban architecture of Balkan cities in the late Ottoman period
Tozoğlu, Ahmet Erdem; Enginsoy Ekinci, Ayşe Sevil; Erkal, Namık Günay; Department of History of Architecture (2013)
This dissertation examines the catalyst and inducer role of the Ottoman Balkan railways network in the urban architecture of the four selected cities in the late Ottoman period. These are Dedeağaç, Edirne-Karaağaç, Selanik and Manastır of the Ottoman Balkans which are explored in the context of railway actorship. On the basis of a comprehensive archival research, the study focuses on three actor positions to explain the themes of change in the architectural and urban sphere; and they are the state, the inte...
Changing Perspectives on the Planning of Ankara 1924 2007 and Lessons for a New Master Planning Approach to Developing Cities
Çalışkan, Olgu (2009-11-01)
As one of the newly planned capitals in the 20th century - like Islamabad, Canberra and Brazil-, Ankara represents an original case in planning history: from shaping a new town under the influence of early European urbanism to the control of a dynamic metropolitan form by structural planning approaches. Forming its urban core according to the initial planning perspectives between the beginning of 1930s and the mid-1970s, the city has entered a rapid phase of space production in its extensions for about the ...
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