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Bi-presymplectic chains of co-rank 1 and related Liouville integrable systems

Blaszak, Maciej
Guerses, Metin
Zheltukhın, Kostyantyn
Bi-presymplectic chains of 1-forms of co-rank 1 are considered. The conditions under which such chains represent some Liouville integrable systems and the conditions under which there exist related bi-Hamiltonian chains of vector fields are derived. To present the construction of bi-presymplectic chains, the notion of a dual Poisson-presymplectic pair is used, and the concept of d-compatibility of Poisson bivectors and d-compatibility of presymplectic forms is introduced. It is shown that bi-presymplectic representation of a related flow leads directly to the construction of separation coordinates in a purely algorithmic way. As an illustration, bi-presymplectic and bi-Hamiltonian chains in R-3 are considered in detail.