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Genotoxicity studies of tetrahydro-naphthalene-benzimidazole/thiazolidinedione as retinoid derivatives

Doğan, Tuğba
Durusoy, Mubeccel
Ates-Alagoz, Zeynep
Buyukbingol, Erdem
Objective: Mutagenicity is an undesirable side effect of clinically prescribed drugs, thus raises the question of their potential carcinogenicity. Taking into account that nitro compounds are known for their genotoxicity, it will be considerable interest to assess the genotoxic activities of the benzimidazole/thiazolidinedione retinoid derivatives. For this reason, the present study reports the genotoxicity of previously synthesized benzimidazole/thiazolidinedione-retinoid derivatives (Ates-Alagoz and Buyukbingol, 2001; Ates-Alagoz et. al., 2009) by the umu-microplate test system.