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Application of the Pippard relations to solid ammonia at high pressures

We study the Pippard relations applied to the solid ammonia at high pressures using the volume measurements up to 123 GPa. The pressure dependence of the thermal expansion (alpha(P)), isothermal compressibility (kappa(T)), and specific heat C-P is calculated using the volume (V) data at room temperature. Linear plots of alpha(P) against kappa(T) and of C-P against alpha V-P which we obtain here show that the Pippard relations can be applied to solid ammonia at high pressures. Experimental measurements of the thermal expansion, isothermal compressibility, and specific heat at various high pressures up to 123 GPa (T=300 K) for the solid ammonia can examine properly the validity of the Pippard relations given here. (C) 2011 Physics Essays Publication. [DOI: 10.4006/1.3577581]