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Structural and aerodynamic analyses of a hybrid trailing edge control surface of a fully morphing wing

Gürses, Ercan
Tunçöz, Ilhan Ozan
Yang, Yosheph
Arslan, Pinar
Kalkan, Ugur
Tıraş, Harun
Şahin, Melin
Özgen, Serkan
Yaman, Yavuz
In this article, the design and analysis of a hybrid trailing edge control surface of an unmanned aerial vehicle are presented. The structural design was performed to increase and decrease the camber of the control surface to match selected airfoil profiles. The design was first analyzed with the help of finite element method to assess the morphing capability. The morphed control surface was then analyzed aerodynamically and comparisons with the original target profiles were made. According to the aerodynamic analyses, it was concluded that the control surface can successfully morph into target profiles with very minor changes in the target aerodynamic values while still ensuring the structural integrity and the safety of the control surface.