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Commuting graph of A-orbits
Gilloglu, Ismail S.; Ercan, Gülin (2021-05-01)
Let A be a finite group acting by automorphisms on the finite group G. We introduce the commuting graph Gamma(G, A) of this action and study some questions related to the structure of G under certain graph theoretical cond...
A Brief Note on the Noncoprime Regular Module Problem
Ercan, Gülin; Güloğlu, Ş. (2021-01-01)
© 2021, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.We consider a special configuration in which a finite group A acts by automorphisms on a finite group G and the semidirect product GA acts on the vector...
Good action on a finite group
Ercan, Gülin; GÜLOĞLU, İSMAİL ŞUAYİP; Jabara, Enrico (Elsevier BV, 2020-10-01)
Let G and A be finite groups with A acting on G by automorphisms. In this paper we introduce the concept of "good action"; namely we say the action of A on G is good, if H = [H, B]C-H (B) for every subgroup B of A and ever...
Frobenius action on Carter subgroups
Ercan, Gülin; GÜLOĞLU, İSMAİL ŞUAYİP (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2020-08-01)
Let G he a finite solvable group and H be a subgroup of Aut(G). Suppose that there exists an H-invariant Carter subgroup F of G such that the semidirect product FH is a Frobenius group with kernel F and complement H. We pr...
On abelian group actions with TNI-centralizers
Ercan, Gülin; Guloglu, Ismail S. (2019-07-03)
A subgroup H of a group G is said to be a TNI-subgroup if for any Let A be an abelian group acting coprimely on the finite group G by automorphisms in such a way that for all is a solvable TNI-subgroup of G. We prove that ...
Frobenius groups of automorphisms with almost fixed point free kernel
Ercan, Gülin; Güloğlu, İsmail Şuayip (2019-03-01)
Let FH be a Frobenius group with kernel F and complement H, acting coprimely on the finite solvable group G by automorphisms. We prove that if C-G(H) is of Fitting length n then the index of the n-th Fitting subgroup F-n(G...
Group actions with TNI-centralizers
Ercan, Gülin (null; 2018-08-05)
Groups of automorphisms with TNI-centralizers
Ercan, Gülin; Güloğlu, İsmail Şuayip (2018-03-15)
A subgroup H of a finite group G is called a TNI-subgroup if N-G(H) boolean AND H-9 = 1 for any g is an element of G \ N-G (H). Let A be a group acting on G by automorphisms where C-G(A) is a TNI-subgroup of G. We prove th...
On the influence of fixed point free nilpotent automorphism groups
Ercan, Gülin; Güloğlu, İsmail Şuayip (2017-12-01)
A finite group FH is said to be Frobenius-like if it has a nontrivial nilpotent normal subgroup F with a nontrivial complement H such that for all nonidentity elements . Let FH be a Frobenius-like group with complement H o...
Influence of the fixed point subgroup in group actions
Ercan, Gülin (null; 2017-05-03)
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