İlhan Can Özen

Department of Economics
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Syrian Refugee Inflows, Health-Care Access, and Childhood Vaccination in Turkey
Erten, Bilge; Keskin, Pinar; Omurtak, Miray; Özen, İlhan Can (2022-11-01)
This study explores the impact of the arrival of Syrian refugees in Turkey on access to health-care resources and subsequent changes in infectious disease rates among native children. Employing a distance-based instrument...
The Health Resilience and Welfare Inequality of the Turkish Population in Response to the Syrian Refugee Inflow
Özen, İlhan Can; Tuncay Alpanda, Berna (Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford, 2022-11-01)
Turkey`s `Long` COVID: The Analysis of the Sources of Economic and Health Failures Failures during the COVID-19 Crisis
Özen, İlhan Can (Brill, Leiden , 2022-10-01)
The reappraisal of Turkey`s Performance During the COVID-19 Era, from the point of view of macroeconomic stability, and the increasing inequalities that are increasingly limiting the 21st Century Turkish development.
Relating Dynamic Test Capacity, Digital Tracking of Countries and COVID-19 Performance: A Cross-Country Study
Özen, İlhan Can; Tuncay Alpanda, Berna (Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2022-10-01)
The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has killed more than a million people in the world since its emergence in late 2019. There have been significant differences in public policies, particularly policies to diagnose COVI...
{Female Education As A Path To Family Health - Is It A Panacea? Evidence From Turkish Health Surveys
Özen, İlhan Can; Ahsen, Aysenur (2022-07-08)
The compulsory schooling reform introduced in 1997 had a substantial effect on the middleschool graduations of women. By taking advantage of this natural experiment, we aim at investigatingthe impacts of women education on...
Covid-19 Risk Analysis of Turkey in the Context of Syrian Influx
Özen, İlhan Can; Derin Güre, Pınar; Yargici, Ecem (2022-05-01)
the COVID-19 pandemic difference between countries, in the international comparisons of COVID-19performance of countries, and in the experience with COVID-19 of different subgroups within countries.International scholars a...
An Analysis of the Sources of COVID-19 Resilience and Vulnerability of Turkey in the First Wave of COVID-19
Özen, İlhan Can; Tuncay Alpanda, Berna (2022-05-01)
This paper aims to analyze the effects of the macro prevention efforts undertaken in Turkey at three different levels. We particularly focus on the effect of COVID-19 prevention arrangements on the health system resilience...
Shelter from the storm: health service access and utilization among Syrian refugees in Turkey
Özen, İlhan Can; Tuncay Alpanda, Berna; Bump, Jesse (2022-03-01)
Aim Since 2011, the confict in Syria has led to the migration of 5.6 million refugees, mainly to neighbouring countries. By the start of 2019, over 3.5 million people had moved to Turkey to seek safety, meaning that Turke...
Effect of the Access to Healthcare Services Among Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Özen, İlhan Can; Tuncay Alpanda, Berna (2022-03-01)
The Syrian population influx has dislocated a significant number of people (6.7 million of people outside the Syrian borders, 6.5 million of people among the different provinces of Syria). The biggest group among this m...
İki Adım İleri Bir Adım Geri: Kapitalizmin İki Ana Ekonomik Kutbu ve COVID-19 Krizi
Özen, İlhan Can (Literatür Yayıncılık, 2022-03-01)
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