A study on behaviour-environment interaction in outdoor urban spaces: the case of Ankara.

Öğüt, Rana Nergis


A Case Study on the Implementation of VEO in an English Language Education Context: A Focus on L1 Usage.
Bozbıyık, Merve (2017-09-08)
A Study of argumentation in Turkish within a Bayesian reasoning framework : arguments from ignorance
Karaaslan, Hatice; Hohenberger, Annette Edeltraud; Demir, Mehmet Hilmi; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2012)
In this dissertation, a normative prescriptive paradigm, namely a Bayesian theory of content-dependent argument strength, was employed in order to investigate argumentation, specifically the classic fallacy of the “argument from ignorance” or “argumentum ad ignorantiam”. The study was carried out in Turkish with Turkish participants. In the Bayesian framework, argument strength is determined by the interactions between three major factors: prior belief, polarity, and evidence reliability. In addition, topic...
A study of public imagery of police work from the perspective of gender: the case of Ankara
Demir, Murat Cem; Mutlu, Kayhan; Department of Sociology (2010)
STUDY OF PUBLIC IMAGERY OF POLICE WORK FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF GENDER: THE CASE OF ANKARA Demir, Murat Cem Ph.D., Department of Sociology Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Kayhan Mutlu February 2010, 245 pages Police – public relations and image of the police are fields of study that are dealt with more and more recently in the disciplines of criminology and sociology. These subjects are also partially the matter of this study. The purpose of our study is to find out how the image of the police is influenced by the gen...
A study on student's environmental knowledge and attitudes : the effect of grade level and gender
Alp, Elvan; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2005)
A Study on urban political discourses: entrepreneurial urbanism and opposition in the case of Basmane çukuru in İzmir
Çalıkoğlu, Gökçe; Bilsel, F. Cana.; Department of Architecture (2019)
Local authorities, real estate developers, investors, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations and the general public. These are the leading ‘urban actors’ who play specific roles in the (re)production of today’s urban environments. Especially in the processes that involve contradictory urban development initiatives, the conflicting discourses of the actors and their effects on the course of the events become apparent. In the current urban atmosphere where the adopted urban policies aimed at in...
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R. N. Öğüt, “ A study on behaviour-environment interaction in outdoor urban spaces: the case of Ankara.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.