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Aydın, Halil Murat (1)
Gul, Esin (1)
Gunal, Gulcin (1)

Analytical Chemistry (2)
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Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics (1)
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2020 (4)

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Recent Submissions

Magnetic Susceptibility-Based Protein Detection Using Magnetic Levitation
Yaman, Sena; TEKİN, HÜSEYİN CUMHUR (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2020-09-01)
Magnetic levitation, which is a magnetic phenomenon of levitating particles suspended in a paramagnetic liquid under a nonuniform magnetic field, is a powerful tool for determining densities and magnetic properties of micr...
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Stretchable and Transparent Poly(Ethyleneglycol-Sebacate) Elastomers with Autonomous Self-Healing and Capacitive Properties
Gunal, Gulcin; Okan, Meltem; Gökcen, Dinçer; Çaykara, Tuncer; Aydın, Halil Murat (2020-06-01)
Introducing functional synthetic biomaterials to the literature became quite essential in biomedical technologies. For the growth of novel biomedical engineering approaches, progressive functional properties as well as the...
Active Memristive Layer Deposition via Mn(II)-Assisted Anodic Oxidation of Titanium
Gul, Esin; GÖKCEN, DİNÇER (The Electrochemical Society, 2020-05-29)
This study focuses on the development of a feasible, low-cost, and reliable electrodeposition technique for metal (Ti and Mn) oxide-based active memristive layers on Ti. The developed deposition process is based on Mn(CH3S...
A Flexible and Low-Cost Tactile Sensor Produced by Screen Printing of Carbon Black/PVA Composite on Cellulose Paper
Sekertekin, Yeter; BOZYEL, İBRAHİM; GÖKCEN, DİNÇER (MDPI AG, 2020-05-01)
This study presents the design and fabrication of a flexible tactile sensor printed on a cellulose paper substrate using a carbon black (CB) - filled polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer matrix as ink material. In the design, e...
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