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Terahertz Transmission Through Patterened Vanadium Oxide Thin Films on Dielectric Substrates

Demirhan, Y.
Yuce, H.
Aygun, G.
Ozyuzer, L.
Altan, Hakan
Patterned and unpatterned films of vanadium oxide grown on dielectric substrates such as fused silica and sapphire were grown and analysed by varying the temperature using terahertz time domain spectroscopy. After investigating the critical transition temperature near 340K, a well-known cross-shaped pattern was studied to observe any resonances upon transmission. Due to the poor conductivity of the films the frequency selective nature of the structure was not observed, however an etalon effect could be seen in the sapphire substrate as opposed to the fused silica substrate above the critical temperature. Dependence of the refractive index difference between substrates upon transmission of the THz pulse is likely in explaining this observed difference.