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Quality control, homogeneity analysis, and trends of extreme precipitation indices in Northern Cyprus

Zaifoğlu, Hasan
Akıntuğ, Bertuğ
Yanmaz, Ali Melih
In this study, the annual and seasonal changes in extreme precipitation indices were investigated in Northern Cyprus by using the non-parametric Mann–Kendal trend test and Sen’s slope estimator. To this end, quality control of data procedure including estimation of missing data, detection of unreasonable values, and outliers were applied to 36 daily precipitation series to identify different errors. In order to test the homogeneity of the daily series, a two-step approach with four homogeneity tests and overall classification were used. The investigation of trends for extreme precipitation indices indicated that the trends were mostly nonsignificant and increasing in scale annually. On seasonal scale, the percentage of stations with increasing trend was almost the same with the percentage of stations with decreasing trend in autumn and spring. Besides, the upward trend was observed at more than 77% of the stations in winter with 11% having significantly increasing trends. Generally, there was no spatial coherence as well as a mixed pattern of trends changing from station to station.