Auxiliary mediated synthesis of aziridine 2 carboxylic acid derivative

GARNER, Philip
Doğan, Özdemir
PİLLAİ, Satish
A convenient protocol for the asymmetric synthesis of stereodefined aziridine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives from alpha,beta-unsaturated acryloyl- and crotonoyl camphor sultams is reported.
Tetrahedron Letters


Diethylzinc mediated 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition reaction of chiral azomethine ylides asymmetric synthesis of ferrocenyl substituted pyrrolidine derivatives
Doğan, Özdemir; DİNÇER, Ülkü; ARICI, Cengiz (2002-10-01)
Asymmetric synthesis of ferrocenyl-substituted pyrrolidine derivatives was successfully achieved by diethylzinc-mediated 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of chiral azomethine ylides with a number of electron-deficient dipolarophiles. Chiral azomethine ylides were formed by condensing glycyl sultam with ferrocenecarboxaldehyde via imine tautomerization and complexation with diethylzinc. All of the cycloaddition reactions gave ferrocenyl-substituted pyrrolidine derivatives with very high regio- and diaster...
New route to synthesis of PVP-stabilized palladium(0) nanoclusters and their enhanced catalytic activity in Heck and Suzuki cross-coupling reactions
DURAP, FEYYAZ; Metin, Onder; AYDEMİR, MURAT; Özkar, Saim (2009-12-01)
Herein we report a new method for the synthesis and characterization of PVP-stabilized palladium(0) nanoclusters and their enhanced catalytic activity in Suzuki coupling and Heck reactions of aryl bromides with phenylboronic acid and styrene, respectively, under mild conditions. The PVP-stabilized palladium(0) nanoclusters with a particle size of 4.5 +/- 1.1 nm were prepared using a new method: refluxing a mixture of potassium tetrachloropalladate(II) and PVP in methanol at 80 degrees C for 1 h followed by ...
Asymmetric organocatalytic direct Mannich reaction of acetylacetone and isatin derived ketimines: Low catalyst loading in chiral cinchona-squaramides
İŞİBOL, Duygu; Karahan, SEDA; Tanyeli, Cihangir (2018-02-07)
A highly enantioselective synthesis of 3-amino-2-oxindoles by direct Mannich reaction between acetylacetone and N-carbamoyl isatin ketimine has been described herein. Corresponding chiral adducts were obtained in high yields (up to 98%) and with excellent enantioselectivities (up to >99% ee) by very low (1 mol%) catalyst loading of 2-adamantyl substituted bifunctional cinchona-squaramide.
Immobilization of dioxomolybdenum(VI) complex bearing salicylidene 2-picoloyl hydrazone on chloropropyl functionalized SBA-15: A highly active, selective and reusable catalyst in olefin epoxidation
Bagherzadeh, Mojtaba; Zare, Maryam; Salemnoush, Taghi; Özkar, Saim; Akbayrak, Serdar (Elsevier BV, 2014-04-05)
A novel organic-inorganic hybrid heterogeneous catalyst system was obtained from the reaction of the molybdenum(VI) complex of salicylidene 2-picoloyl hydrazone with mesoporous silica containing 3-chloropropyl groups prepared by a direct synthetic approach involving hydrolysis and co-condensation of tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) and 3-chloropropyltrimethoxysilane in the presence of the triblock copolymer P123 as template under acidic conditions. Characterization of the functionalized materials by X-ray dif...
Controlled release of vancomycin from biodegradable microcapsules
Ozalp, Y; Ozdemir, N; Kocagoz, S; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2001-01-01)
Poly D,L-lactic acid (PLA) and its copolymers with glycolide PLGA 90:10 and 70:30 were polymerized under various conditions to yield polymers in the molecular weight range 12 000-40 000 daltons, as determined by gel permeation chromatography. Vancomycin hydrochloride was the hydrophilic drug of choice for the treatment of methicillin resistant Staphyloccoccal infections. It was microencapsulated in the synthesized polymers using water-oil-water (w/o/w) double emulsion and solvent evaporation. The influence ...
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P. GARNER, Ö. Doğan, and S. PİLLAİ, “Auxiliary mediated synthesis of aziridine 2 carboxylic acid derivative,” Tetrahedron Letters, pp. 1653–1656, 1994, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: