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Efficient energy dissipating steel-braced frame to resist seismic loads

Dicleli, Murat
Mehta, Anshu
In this research, the seismic performance of a proposed efficient energy dissipating steel-braced frame (EEDBF) in relation to that of a moment-resisting frame (MRF) and chevron braced frame (CBF) is studied. The frame is intended to combine the advantages of MRF and CBF and eliminate most of the disadvantages pertinent to these frames. Nonlinear static pushover, time history, and damage analyses of the three frames are conducted to assess the performance of the EEDBF compared to that of MRF and CBE The analyses results revealed that the EEDBF has a more stable lateral force-deformation behavior compared to CBE The energy dissipation capacity of the EEDBF is comparable to that of the MRF. The drift of the EEDBF at small to medium intensity ground motions is comparable to that of the CBF and smaller than that of the MRF. At high intensity ground motions, the drift of the EEDBF is smaller than those of both CBF and MRF. Furthermore, the EEDBF is found to experience less damage compared to other frames.